A quick update on my Paleo Challenge, which is essentially a lifestyle change for me.  I decided to change my diet because I battle autoimmune issues and diet and exercise seem to be the best way to address the underlying issues that cause autoimmunity’s.


The Paleo Diet is based on the notion that for optimal health, we should be eating REAL, whole unprocessed foods that are more healthful than harmful to our bodies. Essentially eating lean protein, lots of veggies, healthy fats and some fruits and nuts and avoiding foods that will harm us by causing systemic inflammation (an underlying cause to many autoimmune problems), destroying our gut and/or disrupting our natural metabolic processes. Part of the Paleo Diet is REMOVING foods like grains, legumes, sugar, MSG’s, etc.


So basically for the past month I have removed sugar, dairy, grains, legumes and MSG’s from my diet and have been cooking every meal and snack I eat. I have to admit, I have been feeling much better lately. I have more energy, my body aches (from Fibromyalgia) have subsided quite a bit, less headaches, less bloating, etc. On top of that I have doing a thirty minute HIIT workout five days a week and I’m having a day where I feel low energy and achy, I at least go for a walk and do some light stretching. I think diet and exercise go hand in hand and it’s been a huge part of my process of dealing with autoimmunity’s.

Meal planning and cooking all the time is definitely a process I’ve had to get used to. But I’ve just made it part of my routine and I’ve got it down pretty well now. I grocery shop, meal plan, prep foods and even make some meals over the weekend, usually Sunday. This makes it so much easier during the week since I work Monday through Friday. I’ve organized my cabinets and  my refrigerator so that it’s much easier for me to see what I’ve got to work with. Once I got this process in place and just kept at it, it’s much less overwhelming and I try to have fun and learn new recipes and learn about new spices, etc. My husband has been eating everything I cook as well and gives me good feedback on what’s tasting great and what’s just okay… lol!

I’m so glad that I’m changing up my lifestyle as I can already feel a difference! I hope anyone reading this is inspired to do the same!


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