Another Discovery…

Untitled-1So this is interesting…Recently my mom has been having severe rashes/infections mainly on her face. After going from one dermatologist to the next and finding no solution for this, she finally went to a integrative medicine doctor who diagnosed her with Candida Overgrowth. Apparently this is an autoimmune issue that is VERY difficult to treat. My mom was already sticking to a very healthy diet but she had to switch to the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet which is incredibly restrictive due to the nature of her autoimmunity. Every time she tries to reintroduce something back into her diet, such as tomatoes, her face flares up again. This rash is very painful and ugly. I feel so bad for her. Unfortunately it can take months and months of sticking to the diet that YOU FINALLY FIGURE OUT WORKS for this to subside.

While researching this candida issue, I came across some information that suggests that candida overgrowth may be linked to Hashimoto, Lupus, MS, etc. (all autoimmune issues). My mom also has Hashimoto as do I. I think I may request that I am tested for this Candida overgrowth myself!! Perhaps this is something contributing to my Hashimoto thyroiditis. I definitely think, for me, that it’s worth looking into with my Integrative Medicine Dr.

To read more on Candida, click HERE and to learn about the Autoimmune Protocol diet click HERE.

Click HERE for another great site with information on Candida along with diet tips.


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