Quick Dinner…

FullSizeRenderI have been hit with the WORST allergies! Apparently if you move to Austin, TX  you will be hit with the cedar fever at some point in time, and I guess this is my time. That said, I wasn’t feeling so great when I got home last night but didn’t want to cave in to that and eat takeout or something like that. So I tossed up a meal that was really fast and easy…and it tasted delicious.

I dug through the fridge and found Brussels Sprouts, an Onion, Garlic, Bell Pepper, a Sweet Potato and some Sausage…

I chopped up the sweet potato and seasoned it with olive oil, garlic, a little salt and pepper and threw that into the oven to bake. While that was baking I chopped up the onion, more garlic, bell pepper and sausage. I then sauteed the sausage in olive oil to get it nice and brown.. I added the veggies to the pan, sauteed them up as well. The sweet potatoes were done around the same time and I just sort of mixed it all together. Came out GREAT and I had enough for my lunch today!!

I’m still learning to cook and I think I did a pretty good job of throwing something together!


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