Some Days….


Some days are harder than others… Today is one of them. With my fibro I’ve found that I’ve gotta KEEP MOVING! If I give in to the pain and fatigue then it’s ten times worse, and it remains that way. Working through the pain/fatigue always seems to be the key to feeling better .. But man, some days I just want to lay down!!

I’ll keep on moving though.. Even a nice walk will help… I noticed a pattern over the last year… I would feel like crap, lay in bed resting, take it super easy, didn’t challenge myself and guess what?! I felt WORSE overall AND for longer periods of time. I finally picked myself up and pushed through it. I started off slowly – walking. I then added light weights and worked up to doing some of the Tracy Anderson workouts (which I love!) FullSizeRenderEverything I did was low impact but it was getting my body moving. I slowly started feeling better and have worked my way up to HIT circuit workouts!  I can say that I feel better over all from keeping my workouts consistent. I’ve noticed that if i take a few days off, I feel like I do today, crappy, tired, head achy. No fun!

If you’re in the same boat as me, challenge yourself to push through the pain and fatigue, even if it’s something small, like a walk. It’s worth trying out… I did when I was at my worst and on an average day I’m doing and feeling so much better than I was a year ago! Plus, my body is shaping up and of course who doesn’t love feeling strong and healthy!


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